Upcoming Events

July 5-August 8

Virtual Book Group

Join Susannah Renzi, an experienced teacher and facilitator for an on-line book group. Read and discuss Learning to Make Choices for the Future: Connecting Public Lands, Schools, and Communities through Place-Based Learning and Civic Engagement. More.

July 25-26-27
#THV2017 institute

This year’s theme is Building Community with Place-Based Learning. We’ve got lots in store and we’re CTLE approved. Learn more(Photo: Bill Urbin, Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites)

July 17-21
Forest Biodiversity in the Hudson Valley

Teachers, grades 6-12, here’s your chance to join Cary Institute educators and scientists for hands-on inquiry-based science. 35 CTLE hours or graduate credit by arrangement with an extra fee. Get details.

August 15-17
Using Gardens to Teach

Learn new ways to use your school or organization’s garden. Gardens are knowledge-building tools, vehicles that empower youth to celebrate diversity, and a natural context for connecting with others.  CTLE approved. Cosponsored by THV.  Learn more.

Student writing about place

Essays, poems, and stories written by students for THV’s annual writing about place contest. See THV blog , where we’ve been publishing student work throughout the winter and spring, or see our media release for details.  To receive automatically, subscribe to our blog. (Drawing: Glasco Mini Park by Anthony Bertorelli, Riccardi ES, Saugerties)