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Description of service

TeachingtheHudsonValley.org provides its members with a free place to find and share lesson plans about the Hudson Valley.

Definition of lesson plan and curriculum unit

A lesson plan is a detailed description of instruction covering a relatively limited amount of time, e.g., one class period. Lesson plans include some combination of ideas to be taught, supplies and resource materials, assessment and teaching strategies, and essential questions, along with associated materials such as handouts, audio, video, presentations, and images.

A curriculum unit is a collection of connected lesson plans covering a larger topic or set of related topics meant to be taught as a group. Typically, the lessons build on each other and may be delivered over several days, weeks, or even months.

Lesson plans are public domain

All of the lesson plans on TeachingtheHudsonValley.org are in the public domain, which means they are not owned or controlled by anyone. By becoming a member, you agree to place any lesson plans that you upload to TeachingtheHudsonValley.org in the public domain. THV and its partner organizations claim no intellectual property rights over the lesson plans you upload to TeachingtheHudsonValley.org.

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