Explore Award Application Tips

Please follow these instructions for completing the Explore Award application.  

Please open in a program that allows you to type on the form — not Adobe Reader. If you lack access to such a program, let us know and we will send you the form in Word.

Applicant information. The applicant is the person who writes and submits the proposal and will be THV’s contact.

Field experience information. Tell us where you are going, who will participate, and approximately when you plan to go. Eligible sites must have cultural, historic, and/or natural importance and be open to the public regularly. (More details here.) Please include names and e-mail addresses for each teacher and/or program staff member involved in the field experience; if the form does not have space for everyone, please feel free to add a sheet.

Authorized signatures. The applicant and an authorized administrator must both sign. Signers are certifying that any necessary approvals are in place and that all affected staff members are participating voluntarily.

Submission. Applications MUST be e-mailed (info@teachingthehudsonvalley.org) as an attached Word doc or PDF. If possible, please electronically or scan in required signatures. If you are unable to do so, you may fax (845-229-7115, attention: THV) or mail the signature sheet only to THV, 4097 Albany Post Rd., Hyde Park 12538. Please do not fax complete proposals. Please contact us if you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgment within one week.


Please make realistic estimates for all costs. Do not guess. See a properly completed budget form.

Budget sheet columns

1. The match column is for resources you have available. These are expenses to be covered by a source other than the Explore Award, for example the school budget or PTA, an admissions discount provided by the site, or another grant. Matches may be cash, in-kind, or a combination. Please list sources.

2. Funds requested are what you need from THV.

3. Estimated total cost is what you have available plus what you’re asking for from THV. This number should cover the entire cost of each item.

4. Complete and initial the final column after your field experience. Enter actual costs, attach invoices or other documentation for each item, and return the sheet to THV to receive your award. Be sure to include matches equal to or greater than the amount you request.

Budget sheet rows

1. Transportation. Please be specific, e.g., three buses @$250 each or 30 train tickets @$10.

2. Admissions and/or programs. Please be specific, e.g., 30 admissions @$5 or 2-hour program for 20, $250.

3. Time spent by teachers or site staff.* Professional time needed for this program may be a cash (paid by school, site, or other) or in-kind (time donated) match. For paid staff please use regular hourly rates or an estimated hourly rate based on an annual salary.

4. Expenses paid by teachers or site staff are out-of-pocket costs necessary for the field experience, but not reimbursed by the school or site, e.g., books, supplies, pre-trip visits, or copying.

5. Administrative or clerical support provided by the school or site* may be a used as a match. For example: time required to arrange the field experience, e.g., scheduling site or transportation; bookkeeping, photocopying, communicating with families, and the like.

6. Unpaid chaperones.* You may calculate the time of family members or other volunteers who chaperone field experiences at your standard up to $25 per hour.

7. Nurses or required aides provided by the school.* Please use regular hourly rates or an estimated hourly rate based on an annual salary.

* These categories may be used only as part of the match. THV does not reimburse for these items.

Download application as a PDF

Important note: please open the form in a program that allows you to type in your answers — not Adobe Reader. If you lack access to such a program, let us know and we will send you the form in Word.

If you need another format, please email THV.

Photos contributed by 2016 grantees. From top: Vails Gate STEAM Academy (Newburgh ECSD) participated in NYS DEC’s Day in the Life of the Hudson River program; students from St. Denis-St. Columba (Dutchess County) visited the FDR Library & Museum; consumer science students from Lakeland Copper Beech MS (Yorktown Heights) studied sustainability at Kitchawan Farm.