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Stone Faced

Alice Rosi-Marshall is the tenth grade winner of this year’s Writing about Place contest. She and her English teacher, Maureen Ackerman, will host her classmates at the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site.

Creative students win trips for classmates

Students in this year’s Writing about Place imagined being sculptures, super heroes, statues, and more. Readers loved the results! Meet this year’s top-scoring authors whose classes will receive trips to the places they wrote about — Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site, Bear Mountain State Park, and its Trailside Museums and Zoo.

Newburgh school’s “green box” project
earns kudos from National Geographic

Our school has a big focus on community, intentionality, and trust. We do an annual project-based learning activity combining environmental science and English.

Inside, outside at Olana

Pre-k, first, and second graders from the Capital District’s Annur Islamic School participated in “Land as a Canvas: Voices from the Land,” at Olana State Historic Site with help from an Explore Award.

Sharing place-based ideas . . .
With colleagues and students

I want to increase the number of teachers who include place-based opportunities for their students. As a teacher, I know that I am much more apt to try something new if an activity or lesson is already created, so that I don’t have to recreate the wheel.

What plants grow at your school?
A project for the new school year

In the spring of 2016, fifth graders at Woodstock Day School began a study of native and invasive plants on the school property. Their classroom teacher, Jennifer Farmer, and I – the science teacher — worked together to maximize learning. Students were already familiar with water chestnuts from an earlier trip to Saugerties Lighthouse.

Teaching Tough Topics

Talking about challenging topics is hard. That’s why we call them tough.  We all have different opinions about how, if, and when to handle them.

Black Rock

Emma Byrne is one of three top-scoring middle school students in this year’s Writing about Place. She is a fifth grader at Cornwall Central Middle School; her teacher is Patricia Young. You can read the other two middle school pieces here and here, winning elementary school poems here, and one high school essay here. Check back …

Second grade poets

Meet the top scoring elementary students in this year’s Writing about Place. They attend Riccardi Elementary, Saugerties Central School District, and are students of Frances Murphy.

Student writers express love for our Valley

Students who entered THV’s writing contest delighted us with descriptions of – and feelings about – significant places in our area. In the coming months we’ll be sharing their poems and essays. For now, we’re pleased to introduce the winners.