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Eleanor’s Kitchen & the Roosevelt Home Garden

Throughout his life, FDR ate many meals prepared from food grown in the garden on his family’s estate. As the National Park Service prepares to restore the Roosevelt Home Garden, THV’s Student Conservation Associate, Natalie Cheung, shares some thoughts on the family’s approach to food.

Teaching for Engagement Day 1

Day 1 of Teaching for Engagement in the Hudson Valley was nothing short of successful. Read about some of our highlights so far!

Science For All: Citizen Science Expo

Join THV on July 30 for a FREE Citizen Science Expo at the Henry A Wallace Visitor & Education Center, Home of FDR and Presidential Library, Hyde Park, NY. Learn about amphibian migration, dragonfly, and forest regrowth projects (plus more) in the Hudson Valley, and how you can get involved.

Climate Change in the Classroom: Bringing it Back to the Hudson Valley

Meet Kate Brill, Education Outreach Coordinator at Scenic Hudson and THV 2015 Institute Presenter. Kate’s workshop on climate change will help educators show students why climate change is happening as well as where they can see it in the Hudson Valley.

Do Your Summer Reading: Hudson Valley Youth Authors

Do your kids dread summer reading, but love exploring the Hudson Valley? THV to the rescue! Here’s our list of local authors and books for young readers ranging from elementary to high school students. Enjoy, and get reading!

Science is for Everyone: Dorna Schroeter, THV Presenter

Dorna Schroeter, director of the Environmental Education Center at BOCES, will present a workshop and lead a field experience at Teaching for Engagement. Her extensive experience and sense of adventure provide a new perspective on teaching science and ensuring its relevance to all students.

Bringing History to Life with Family Letters: THV Presenter Willow McCormick

Meet Willow McCormick, second grade teacher and Oregon Writing Project Fellow, who describes teaching as her “pure calling.” McCormick is conducting a workshop, Our Grandparents’ Civil rights Era: Family letters bring history to life, at THV 2015, in which she will talk about a project she created to make history tangible.

From Stacey to Saul: The Story Behind A Newburgh Artist

“There’s a real intelligence in those streets and in many ways I still feel nurtured by them and all the beautiful people I came up with,” says Saul Williams. Known to Newburgh as Stacey, Williams has journeyed far from his foundation to become a world-famous artist, but never once has he forgotten his roots. Keep reading to learn more about Williams’s path from Newburgh Free Academy to the international stage.

Newburgh Illuminated: A Festival for All

Get excited for the 2015 Newburgh Illuminated Festival on Saturday, June 20th, featuring diverse food, live music, fascinating history, children’s activities, and local art.

Engaging Students in Social Advocacy and Civic Literacy: Shira Eve Epstein

Learn about the work of CUNY’s Shira Eve Epstein Ed.D., an advocate for social change through education. Epstein recently published her first book, Teaching Civic Literacy Projects: Student Engagement with Social Problems, and is presenting at THV’s Summer Institute in July.