THV Explore Awards

Coxsackie ES students at Cohotate Preserve. Photo by Jean Cardany.


(1) Create opportunities for students to explore the history, environment, and culture of the Hudson River Valley by connecting their studies to significant places.

(2) Encourage students’ appreciation for and stewardship of their communities and cultures.

Who Can Apply

K-12 educators in public or private schools and after-school or summer programs. Applicants and sites visited must be in Albany, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rensselaer, Rockland, Saratoga, Ulster, or Westchester counties.

We are grateful to Stewart's Shops Holiday Match for supporting grants made in 2015.

What kinds of experiences qualify?

Day trips to places with cultural, historic, and/or natural significance. Performances will be considered if they promote appreciation for/stewardship of the region. (Presentations simply held in historic buildings do not qualify; content should be related to the purpose of Explore Awards.)

Sites must be owned or managed by a not-for-profit or government body and be open to the public regularly.

The missions of eligible sites typically involve interpretation or preservation and encourage collaboration with schools. Appropriate sites include but are not limited to archives, art galleries, parks, libraries, museums, nature preserves, and other historic or heritage sites.

If you need transportation funds to visit a site in Historic Hyde Park, please apply for a Bus on Us grant.


Explore Awards require a dollar for dollar match. Most applicants can easily meet the match, and we will help you identify matches if necessary. Matches may be cash, in-kind support, or a combination and may come from a school budget, PTA, another grant, or other source. In-kind contributions acknowledge “value added” by teachers, parents, or others. See the budget section in tips for additional details.

Some sites have their own grant programs; be sure to ask when discussing your visit. Other sources include BOCESDonorsChoose, Target, and community foundations such as the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley serving Dutchess, Putnam, and Ulster counties; Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan; The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region serving Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, and Saratoga counties; and the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation serving Columbia and eastern Dutchess.

THV summer institute.

Grantees are not required to attend, but we would love to have you and participation can help you meet the match. Since the institute is place-based professional development related expenses and unpaid time (up to $600 per person per day) may be counted as an in-kind contribution. See the website's professional development section for more information.

How to Apply

Submit a completed form by e-mail at least six weeks before your proposed trip; no other material is needed. THV acknowledges receipt of applications by e-mail only and will review proposals continuously until funds are exhausted. Applicants typically receive a response within three weeks.

Please review all the information on this page, then get more tips and download the form here.


After the trip, grantees submit a completed voucher (provided with the grant letter) and submit it to THV with appropriate invoices and proof of the match.

Eligible expenses/maximum awards.

Explore Awards are meant to help cover programs, transportation, and/or admissions. In making decisions, THV takes into account cost per student, as well as total cost, and recognizes that school and community needs and resources vary. Awards are unlikely to exceed $4,000 or $15 per student.

More Questions?

E-mail or call 845-229-9116, ext. 2035.