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Stone Faced

Alice Rosi-Marshall is the tenth grade winner of this year’s Writing about Place contest. She and her English teacher, Maureen Ackerman, will host her classmates at the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site.

Creative students win trips for classmates

Students in this year’s Writing about Place imagined being sculptures, super heroes, statues, and more. Readers loved the results! Meet this year’s top-scoring authors whose classes will receive trips to the places they wrote about — Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site, Bear Mountain State Park, and its Trailside Museums and Zoo.

Newburgh school’s “green box” project
earns kudos from National Geographic

Our school has a big focus on community, intentionality, and trust. We do an annual project-based learning activity combining environmental science and English.

Inside, outside at Olana

Pre-k, first, and second graders from the Capital District’s Annur Islamic School participated in “Land as a Canvas: Voices from the Land,” at Olana State Historic Site with help from an Explore Award.

Budding architects & designers visit Olana

Danielle Salvestrini, a fourth grade teacher at Sheafe Road ES (Wappingers CSD), applied for and received an Explore Award. It helped cover the cost of  taking nearly 100 fourth graders to Olana State Historic Site.  We appreciate Danielle’s efforts, these photos, and her commentary.

Paradise in the Hills

Sometimes, if the weather is just right, if it’s sunny with a slight breeze and there aren’t too many clouds in the sky, you can find my mother sitting on a lawn chair reading. She’ll have her sunglasses on, her legs crossed, and she’ll be reading …

A Plum of a Place

Building a throne made of rocks along the beach of Plum Point is a memory I share with my sisters. We began near the shoreline, using a huge rock already embedded in the sand as our starting point. We layered medium-sized rocks on top of each other. Then we used smaller rocks….

Black Rock

Emma Byrne is one of three top-scoring middle school students in this year’s Writing about Place. She is a fifth grader at Cornwall Central Middle School; her teacher is Patricia Young. You can read the other two middle school pieces here and here, winning elementary school poems here, and one high school essay here. Check back …

Let Me Take You to a Mountain

A 9th grader invites you to visit a place of excitement, wonder, and breathtaking sights. Where the cool wind flows like water through the trees and the smell of the earth swallows you as you take more and more steps further into this beautiful place. What is this place?

Sweet Wine Berries

India’s essay about Knox’s Headquarters State Historic Site is one of three top-scoring middle school essays in this year’s Writing about Place. India is a student of Patricia Young at Cornwall Central Middle School.