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Rainstorms: Ideal for STEM activities

This week’s rainstorms, particularly the one that moved through on Thursday, should show how events in the watershed affect the estuary. These effects are likely to extend over several days, providing fodder for classroom activities in STEM-related classes. Precipitation was predicted to be heaviest in the Mohawk watershed and the Upper …

Predicted nor’easter: teachable moment

A strong nor’easter is predicted to bring near hurricane force winds to the ocean off New York Harbor later today — Monday, January 23, 2017. Tomorrow you can use remotely sensed data to teach a variety of STEM skills and material.

Ed student recommends
Bear Mountain Trailside Museums

Bear Mountain State Park is an enjoyable place to visit and explore. The Park offers many activities including hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, and ice skating. And, kids will definitely love to explore the Trailside Museums and Zoo.

Sophomore explains science of climate change

This post is a quick and clear summary of some of the most compelling science behind climate change. The author also shares suggestions for managing and and eventually halting climate change.

Eli Schloss: Your Guide to the Hudson Tide

Eli Schloss of Clearwater’s Tideline Discovery Program walks us through the highlights of his field experience at the upcoming THV Summer Institute.

Water Celery: The Hudson River’s Biggest Secret

Jennifer Reid wants her elementary-age students to understand that each organism contributes to the creation of a viable ecosystem. To simplify a complex process, she focuses on a single plant. The lesson features a poetic story that helps students visualize what happens to plants and animals as the tide rolls in and out.

Keep Kids Engaged with Firefly Watch

A fun summer project that helps kids — and parents — learn about the scientific process and participate in a real-life citizen science research project. In addition, being part of something bigger than a single classroom can help students become more aware of their environment and the need to protect it.

Educators: Where will a Watershed Forestry Institute take you?

Since attending the Watershed Forestry Institute for Teachers, Heneriatta Sekyiamah has taught watershed science in and out of the classroom. Recently she introduced 4th and 5th graders from PS 214/Lorraine Hansberry Academy (Bronx) to the watershed.

2016 Hudson Data Jam: Making data “sing”

Data Jam, sponsored by the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, is designed to encourage students to share what they’ve learned about the Hudson watershed, and to highlight the large and excellent amount of scientific information that is available on the beautiful place we call home.

Tracking the nor’easter

There’s lots of buzz about the nor’easter predicted to bring blizzard conditions to NYC this weekend. In addition to snow and wind, forecasters expect mild to moderate coastal flooding. Get resources for using the weather to practice graph interpretation, explore earth and environmental science topics, and promote STEM skills.