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What’s Hugo’s Story?

What’s Hugo’s story? Let’s back up. The real question was, “What is the story of the New Paltz Huguenots, and how could I break it down so kids got it?” It’s the first question I pondered upon becoming Historic Huguenot Street’s school programming coordinator. I had taught for years so I was used to asking those kinds of questions.

Understanding Slavery in the Hudson Valley

Historic Hudson Valley (HHV), has been telling the story of slavery in the colonial north for more than 20 years. Now, with the National Endowment for the Humanities, HHV offers “Slavery in the Colonial North”, a summer institute for teachers, July 9-14 at Philipsburg Manor.

December is Human Rights Month

Activities and lessons commemorating adoption of the UDHR can be especially meaningful in the Hudson Valley because of Eleanor Roosevelt’s lead role in drafting and securing its passage.

Hudson Valley Seed: Busy Year Round

A Hudson Valley Seed staff member answers the question: What do you when schools aren’t in session? She goes on to describe their work, offer resources and opportunities, and even share a kid-friendly recipe for salsa. Plus, photos of cute kids outside, no devices in hand.

Back to school
Place-based learning resource round up

Tips (including funding sources) for building place into your school year. Plus, Hudson Valley sources for low cost materials. Plus, faces from this year’s summer institute.

Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley
Museum without walls

Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley, a project of the NYS Bridge Authority, shares new resources for classrooms, libraries, and community centers.

Keep Kids Engaged with Firefly Watch

A fun summer project that helps kids — and parents — learn about the scientific process and participate in a real-life citizen science research project. In addition, being part of something bigger than a single classroom can help students become more aware of their environment and the need to protect it.

Project FeederWatch

An after school naturalist describes a project to introduce students to bird identification and observation; involve them in citizen science; and cultivate the next generation of bird watchers/enthusiasts.

YardMap combines two words I truly love

When I first heard about the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s YardMap Network I was intrigued. Combining backyards and maps seemed like a perfect pairing. As I learned more about the program I became increasingly excited. This new citizen science network provides homeowners with an easy way to evaluate their yards ….

Tracking the nor’easter

There’s lots of buzz about the nor’easter predicted to bring blizzard conditions to NYC this weekend. In addition to snow and wind, forecasters expect mild to moderate coastal flooding. Get resources for using the weather to practice graph interpretation, explore earth and environmental science topics, and promote STEM skills.