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Clermont: Not Your Grandmother’s Historic Site

Meet Susan, Emily, and Leslie of Clermont State Historic Site! Read on to hear how they’re connecting local students with history, food, and gardening. See them in person at this summer’s institute.

An Interview with Mayor Steve Noble

Mayor Steve Noble gives us the inside scoop from the street to the streams of Ulster County. See him and others in a panel discussion at the THV summer institute July 26-28!

Eli Schloss: Your Guide to the Hudson Tide

Eli Schloss of Clearwater’s Tideline Discovery Program walks us through the highlights of his field experience at the upcoming THV Summer Institute.

“Life Happens Around Food”

Help your students “discover real food” with Julie Cerny of the Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm during this summer’s institute! Read on for information about the Sylvia Center, farm education, and Cerny’s favorite seasonal recipe.

Howdy Hudson Valley!

Meet THV’s summer intern Alex Ramey! Alex recently earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Roanoke College. Read more to learn about Alex’s background, impressions of Hyde Park, and appreciation for black cherries.

Muckraking (literally) with Vicky Garufi

This July, Vicky Garufi, education director for the Sarah Lawrence Center for the Urban River at Beczak (CURB), will present with her coworkers at THV’s summer institute. And MAN is she psyched.

Laying Bricks to Build Dialogue

“How has immigration affected your life?” — That’s the question Peter Wong is asking visitors at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and participants in his workshop, “Streets Paved with Gold” at THV’s summer institute.

From Stacey to Saul: The Story Behind A Newburgh Artist

“There’s a real intelligence in those streets and in many ways I still feel nurtured by them and all the beautiful people I came up with,” says Saul Williams. Known to Newburgh as Stacey, Williams has journeyed far from his foundation to become a world-famous artist, but never once has he forgotten his roots. Keep reading to learn more about Williams’s path from Newburgh Free Academy to the international stage.

Engaging Students in Social Advocacy and Civic Literacy: Shira Eve Epstein

Learn about the work of CUNY’s Shira Eve Epstein Ed.D., an advocate for social change through education. Epstein recently published her first book, Teaching Civic Literacy Projects: Student Engagement with Social Problems, and is presenting at THV’s Summer Institute in July.

Meet THV’s Summer Intern

Learn about Teaching the Hudson Valley’s summer intern, Natalie Cheung. Natalie is a student at Middlebury College from Redwood City, California and possesses interests in conservation biology and environmental history.