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This post includes extensive excerpts from Common Core: Diamond in the Rough?, which originally appeared online June 18 at Education Week Teacher, part of a publishing partnership with the Center for Teaching Quality.

A Team Approach To Common Core

Last fall I attended a learning and lesson plan development session for school administrators and teachers at SUNY New Paltz — “Common Core State Standards (CCSS) PREP for Success.” (PREP stood for “Preparing Reflective and Effective Practices.”)

Common Core v. field experience?

There is increasing pressure on teachers to take virtual field trips. It’s cost-effective, the argument goes, and technology can replace the real thing leaving more time for Common Core. I disagree.

Fighting Back

The author of Educational Courage: Resisting the Ambush of Public Education brings together the voices of educators, parents, writers, and activists who are resisting the standardization and privatization of public education.

How will we teach Common Core?

MY SHORT ANSWER? DO WHAT WE’VE ALWAYS DONE! Simply take old lessons and apply the new standards.