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From Stacey to Saul: The Story Behind A Newburgh Artist

“There’s a real intelligence in those streets and in many ways I still feel nurtured by them and all the beautiful people I came up with,” says Saul Williams. Known to Newburgh as Stacey, Williams has journeyed far from his foundation to become a world-famous artist, but never once has he forgotten his roots. Keep reading to learn more about Williams’s path from Newburgh Free Academy to the international stage.

Newburgh Illuminated: A Festival for All

Get excited for the 2015 Newburgh Illuminated Festival on Saturday, June 20th, featuring diverse food, live music, fascinating history, children’s activities, and local art.

Aboard the Clearwater

For five days I volunteered on the Sloop Clearwater teaching navigation, local history, and Hudson River School art to Peekskill eighth graders. Clearwater is an excellent example of place-based learning where a diverse range of students experience and develop a connection to the Hudson’s estuary’s ecosystem.