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Rainstorms: Ideal for STEM activities

This week’s rainstorms, particularly the one that moved through on Thursday, should show how events in the watershed affect the estuary. These effects are likely to extend over several days, providing fodder for classroom activities in STEM-related classes. Precipitation was predicted to be heaviest in the Mohawk watershed and the Upper …

Predicted nor’easter: teachable moment

A strong nor’easter is predicted to bring near hurricane force winds to the ocean off New York Harbor later today — Monday, January 23, 2017. Tomorrow you can use remotely sensed data to teach a variety of STEM skills and material.

Water Celery: The Hudson River’s Biggest Secret

Jennifer Reid wants her elementary-age students to understand that each organism contributes to the creation of a viable ecosystem. To simplify a complex process, she focuses on a single plant. The lesson features a poetic story that helps students visualize what happens to plants and animals as the tide rolls in and out.

Project FeederWatch

An after school naturalist describes a project to introduce students to bird identification and observation; involve them in citizen science; and cultivate the next generation of bird watchers/enthusiasts.

Ideas for classroom writing

Most teachers, regardless of what they teach, tell me they’re always looking for new ways to encourage student writing. THV tries to do our part with the annual Writing about Place contest, but lots of other ideas show up in our mail box, so from time to time, I like to share a few.

New Hudson Valley lesson plans

The Hudson River Valley Institute is a robust resource for anyone who wants to encourage place-based learning. Our website, lectures, and biannual journal are enjoyed by enthusiasts, students, and teachers alike. With a new set of lesson plans we hope to make be even more valuable to K-12 teachers.

Meet THV’s Summer Intern

Learn about Teaching the Hudson Valley’s summer intern, Natalie Cheung. Natalie is a student at Middlebury College from Redwood City, California and possesses interests in conservation biology and environmental history.

For the Birds

What a thrill to see John Audubon’s original watercolor paintings up close! On the train ride home I could hardly wait to teach my sixth grade art students about John Audubon and his birds.

A Challenge & A Promise

On the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March for Jobs & Freedom – Okay. I get it. It’s the end of summer. School’s about to start. But I thought somebody in the Hudson Valley would respond to a Facebook post asking for stories about the March.


This post includes extensive excerpts from Common Core: Diamond in the Rough?, which originally appeared online June 18 at Education Week Teacher, part of a publishing partnership with the Center for Teaching Quality.