Making Meaning with Children’s Book Apps

One goal of THV’s Summer Institute is to get educators thinking about meaningful ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Sure, we can upload videos from YouTube on every subject imaginable, or let students take a science quiz on Brainpop rather than straight from their textbooks. But how do we use technology to really interact with the curriculum, probe students to question and reason, and promote higher order thinking skills? Technology can be an avenue to all these things, if you use it right.

Manitoga: Bringing Design to Life

In May my consumer science class and Ms. Rosenkamppf’s art class visited Manitoga: The Russel Wright Design Center in Garrison. We had a fabulous time. Everyone’s favorite part was taking off socks and shoes to walk on the moss “carpet.”

Making It Authenic & Empowering in the Pine Bush

The Pine Bush, a globally rare ecosystem in danger of being lost, lies right in the Hudson Valley. For more than 10 years my students and I have worked directly with the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission to carry out research and restoration activities in the area.

Spotlight: National Writing Project

A couple of weeks ago I noted that Diane Ravitch, co-author of one of my must-read blogs, Bridging Differences, received an honorary degree from Siena College in Albany. This week her co-blogger, Deborah Meier, described the Hudson Valley Writing Project, and it’s parent organization, the National Writing Project, as “an amazing group.”

RIPE FOR LEARNING: THV Unveils New Farms & Food Guide

More than 150 Local Resources to Help Educators and Students Explore Farms and Food

Take advantage of spring

Despite having experienced many Hudson Valley springs, I’m still awed by the trees and flowers.

Awesome Eleanor

COBBLESTONE, a magazine geared to 9 to 14 year olds, just published an issue devoted to Eleanor Roosevelt. “The Importance of Being Eleanor” tells the story of a shy and lonely girl who developed into a courageous and powerful woman facing down many struggles along the way.

Youth & America’s Great Outdoors: New Report Released

Everybody seems to be talking about the America’s Great Outdoors report released last week by the White House.

Ideas about parks & historic sites?

The NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) wants YOUR ideas about revitalizing and sustaining our sites.

Coming Soon: Video, Slides, & More

Thanks in part to a grant from the Verizon Foundation, The Hudson River Valley institute is building on our current offerings. Throughout this year, we’ll be adding video, slide-shows, and other materials that complement existing interpretive programs at heritage sites.

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