Science is for Everyone: Dorna Schroeter, THV Presenter

Dorna Schroeter, director of the Environmental Education Center at BOCES, will present a workshop and lead a field experience at Teaching for Engagement. Her extensive experience and sense of adventure provide a new perspective on teaching science and ensuring its relevance to all students.

Wild Treasures: Sustainability, Naturally

Empower your students with Wild Treasures, designed by Teaching for Engagement’s keynote speaker Jimmy Karlan.

Bringing History to Life with Family Letters: THV Presenter Willow McCormick

Meet Willow McCormick, second grade teacher and Oregon Writing Project Fellow, who describes teaching as her “pure calling.” McCormick is conducting a workshop, Our Grandparents’ Civil rights Era: Family letters bring history to life, at THV 2015, in which she will talk about a project she created to make history tangible.

From Stacey to Saul: The Story Behind A Newburgh Artist

“There’s a real intelligence in those streets and in many ways I still feel nurtured by them and all the beautiful people I came up with,” says Saul Williams. Known to Newburgh as Stacey, Williams has journeyed far from his foundation to become a world-famous artist, but never once has he forgotten his roots. Keep reading to learn more about Williams’s path from Newburgh Free Academy to the international stage.

Newburgh Illuminated: A Festival for All

Get excited for the 2015 Newburgh Illuminated Festival on Saturday, June 20th, featuring diverse food, live music, fascinating history, children’s activities, and local art.

Engaging Students in Social Advocacy and Civic Literacy: Shira Eve Epstein

Learn about the work of CUNY’s Shira Eve Epstein Ed.D., an advocate for social change through education. Epstein recently published her first book, Teaching Civic Literacy Projects: Student Engagement with Social Problems, and is presenting at THV’s Summer Institute in July.

Meet THV’s Summer Intern

Learn about Teaching the Hudson Valley’s summer intern, Natalie Cheung. Natalie is a student at Middlebury College from Redwood City, California and possesses interests in conservation biology and environmental history.

More on THV institute 2015

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing the presenters for this year’s institute. Today, meet Paul and Mary Liz Stewart, founders, Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, and Willow McCormick, an ES teacher and Oregon Writing Project fellow.

Hudson Valley summer programs for kids

Can’t possibly list all the amazing summer options for children and teens in our region. Hoping this short list will get you started. Nothing near you? Use our map to find a museum, park, or historic site that’s closer; then contact staff to see what’s happening.

Institute 2015: featured speakers

THV is thrilled to have Philip Yenawine, co-founding director of Visual Thinking Strategies, and Jimmy Karlan, director of science teacher certification, Antioch New England, as featured speakers at this year’s institute, Teaching for Engagement in the Hudson Valley: The Next 100 Years Depend on It.

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