Plan now for spring school gardens

As we head into winter, I find myself thinking of spring teaching possibilities. Now is a great time to start planning for a school garden, and I’m looking forward to exploring.

Notes on Access for All

November 18 nearly 30 educators gathered in Hyde Park for Access for All: Creating Universally Designed Outdoor Learning Experiences, a daylong workshop facilitated by Kathy Ambrosini, education director, Mohonk Preserve. Time and space don’t permit a full review, but here are a few things that jumped out.

Flexibility & feedback
Key to Clermont’s afterschool programming

Many great things about afterschool groups can also be challenging. While there is no Bible, we find attention to a few key factors help make for a positive experience.

November is NYS History Month

As museum educators, we are eager to reach teachers and — through you — children and young people who deserve to know the stories of their communities and state. If you can bring your students to one of the events at the New York State Museum, great! But if not, there are still plenty of ways to bring History Month into class.

Ideas for classroom writing

Most teachers, regardless of what they teach, tell me they’re always looking for new ways to encourage student writing. THV tries to do our part with the annual Writing about Place contest, but lots of other ideas show up in our mail box, so from time to time, I like to share a few.

Kids in the Garden

Around the Valley, more and more schools and youth groups are looking for ways to add gardening to their repertoire. Hudson Valley Seed, a non-profit that uses school gardens to empower students, is a great model. Our curriculum-integrated lessons focus on healthy eating, food literacy, outdoor learning, and academic success.

Plot-based science . . . or any other discipline

Antioch’s Jimmy Karlan challenged THV summer institute participants to devise real problems students could study and address and to align them with core ideas from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Here are two examples of what they came up along with Jimmy’s observations and suggestions.

4 Ways to Get Kids Looking Around

Cool projects that encourage kids to look more closely at their world. Each offers them an opportunity to see their work online or in print. Most include additional prizes.

Local student insists
“We have solutions to climate change”

My name is Clea Schumer. I’m a senior at Red Hook High School. For good or for bad, I’ve always been the kind of person to gravitate towards things that I perceive as major, unresolved issues. . . . . I can’t think of a larger problem than the climate change crisis and we have the solutions at hand to solve it.

Rev up as summer winds down
+ 9 more chances to see THV presenters

Our fabulous institute presenters shared handouts, PowerPoints, and more from Teaching for Engagement in the Hudson Valley: The Next 100 Years Depend on It. We are so happy to share with you. Plus opportunities to learn with them this fall.

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