No plans for spring break?

Museums, parks, and historic sites throughout the Valley have planned special kids’ programs. We’ve listed a small sample, but there’s far too much happening to share it all. Use our map to find a place near you, then click on the link to visit the site.

Writing About Place
Poems from our Elementary School Entrants

Poems by Summer Tyler, Sanfordville ES, Warwick, and Daisy Dundas, Dutchess Day School. This is the second in a series of essays and poems submitted for THV’s annual Writing About Place contest.

3 more ways to go from “field trip” to
“learning experience”

(1) Capture the unseen, (2) tell a complex story, and (3) connect kids to the past, and the past to the present.

Writing About Place: Kingston Point Beach

When the sunset is in the sky, it’s pinkish redish color makes us say, “WOW!” From Isai Martinez’s essay, “Kingston Point Beach.” Isai, a fifth grader at Bailey MS in Kingston, NY, wrote a winning essay for THV’s annual “Writing About Place” contest.

For the Birds

What a thrill to see John Audubon’s original watercolor paintings up close! On the train ride home I could hardly wait to teach my sixth grade art students about John Audubon and his birds.

Writing about Place winners

This year’s top poems and essays extolled parks, a library, and a beach. The authors came from Orange and Ulster counties.

Washington 1782: Traveling the Rondout, Visiting Kingston

Looking for ways to make the Revolutionary War resonate with students? Want new activities for teaching about maps or distances? Are changes in transportation part of your curriculum?

Wanted: Student Views on Historic Preservation

We talk a lot about students as tomorrow’s stewards. Here’s a chance for them to weigh in now. The NYS Office of Historic Preservation has an online survey and they are especially eager to hear from young people.

Treasure Hunting In Nature

Letterboxing turned out to be a fantastic way to help students–and my own kids–get outside and take notice of the world around them.

What’s In a Name?

Here in the Hudson Valley we are graced with awe-inspiring landscapes, world-class views, and dynamic ecosystems. But does that matter if we don’t value them? And can we value them if we can’t name them?

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