More student poems about place

Our final National Poetry Month post features poems by students from West Intermediate School (Dutchess County) and Berea ES (Orange County). Amelia Jensen wrote about the Bear Mountain Zoo and Javen Griffith about Danny Myer Park.

Contemporary Hudson Valley poets

This list of Hudson Valley poets is another in our series for National Poetry Month. Please add links to your favorite regional poets in the comments section.

Poetry Around the Valley

Continuing our celebration of National Poetry Month here are readings around the Valley. Please share other events you know about.

The Lord’s Pier

Continuing our celebration of National Poetry Month with The Lord’s Pier by Daniel Wolff. “The Hudson is dotted with ruins: monuments to what men and women have tried to build. Forts, castles, in this case a pier. Over time, the river wins and wears down what the builder thought was permanent. History becomes the history-of-history and then disappears altogether. This is about Piermont Pier, used mostly now for dog walking, fishing, and bird watching.”

Wordscape @ Clermont: Celebrate National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and we begin with an invitation from Friends of Clermont to share poems. The historic site has nearly 100,000 visitors each year making it an excellent venue for you and your students to connect with a wide audience.

Accessible Outdoors: Kids with Social, Emotional, and Physical Disabilities Go Outside!

“It’s exciting to watch kids develop new coping strategies and shake loose from their symptoms while they enjoy, explore, play and connect in nature.” This post features accessibility tips from Kathy Ambrosini, director of education, Mohonk Preserve.

More student poetry

Place poems by Asa, grade 2, Haldane ES, Haldane CSD, Cold Spring, Putnam County; Ember, grade 5, Berea ES, Valley Central Schools, Montgomery, Orange County; and Liliana, grade 5, Warwick Valley MS, Warwick CSD, Orange County. Enjoy!

Citizen history, part 3

It’s Your Story. Discover It! Sat., March 28, 2015, Albany Heritage Area Visitor’s Center, with genealogical research tips and videos; presentation & resources from NYS Archives; interactive tables and “building block/storytelling rooms”. Plus, additional resources to help students uncover their own family history.

Have you ever stood on a mountain and looked straight ahead?

So begins an essay by Newburgh junior Itzel Garcia. She goes on to describe Storm King and how it helped her overcome a fear of heights. Itzel had the top high school score in our Writing About Place contest.

THVIPs: Your guides to place-based learning

We wanted to introduce three new THVIPs and remind you that THVIPs are experienced place-based educators (and learners) ready to brainstorm, observe, conduct workshops, and help you use place-based strategies at your school or site. Think of them as free consultants, facilitators, critical friends, and presenters.

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