Book Arts: Describing Your City

Just as Napoleon’s “Description of Egypt” tells us about Egyptian life 200 years ago, books by students in Albany and Troy will tell people in the future about their lives today. The Book Arts project, coordinated by the Albany Institute of History & Art, uses suprising source material to teach creativity, problem solving, and more.

Field experience report–Our Ecosystem, Our Health: Exploring School Gardens

Imagine a classroom whose four walls are filled with leafy greens, deep yellow marigolds, plump red cherry tomatoes, and the fresh scent of basil. A classroom where you can write, read, measure, analyze, compare, build, touch, smell, and taste….

Beautiful day for a field experience

THV visitors to Albany, Poughkeepsie, & Kinderhook experienced one of summer’s prettiest days, learning about crop rotation from Roxbury Farm founder Jean-Paul Courtens, cooking at Different Drummer’s Kitchen; learning from educators at Poughkeepsie HS, Krieger ES, and the Pok Farm Project; and sketching at Norman’s Kill. More photos.

4 things we heard on day 1 of the institute

Farms & Food: Teaching the Hudson Valley from the Ground Up is off to a great start. Here are four things we heard. More to come here and on our Facebook page. Or, better yet join us on Thursday. See what’s on tap.

Farms & Food Match Game

Join us July 29-31 for Farms & Food: Teaching the Hudson Valley from the Ground Up, and try your hand at matching these faces and more with an accurate description. Get ‘em all and you could win a book or poster. Register here. See the institute program overview here.

A Spoonful of Sugar Doesn’t Help the Lesson Go Down: Hands-on Nutrition Education

If you’re past a certain age, you’ve probably experienced how soft drink sizes have evolved with time…. But you know who may not be as familiar with that story? Our students. That’s why Pam Koch has made it her life’s work to tell them about it.

Field experience yields arguments…and haiku

“Have you ever walked by a row of old buildings and wondered what they used to be? Who used to live there? Perhaps you’ve even thought about the history of your own home: When was it built? Does it look the same now as it did when it was first constructed? What were the people like who lived there over the years?” Last winter students at Averill Park HS grappled with those issues.

Getting the Nitty Gritty on Dirt at Cropsey Farm

“Without healthy soil, we don’t have healthy plants. Without healthy plants, we don’t have healthy food. And without healthy food, we don’t have healthy people,” Cropsey Farm’s Jose Romero-Bosch told THV. And without being too doom and gloom, he tries to explain to students that soil is a scarce resource that takes billions of years to create.

Kids get to know farmers, farmers get to know THV at Kindherook Farmers Market

I conscripted some young visitors to serve as historians, and asked them to gather stories from vendors. Given the range of ages and the time frame (kids are generally at the market while their parents shop), I provided my young volunteers with just a few questions, and suggested that they also draw something that interested them.

Kingston Y Farm Gets Kids Growing

Kaycee Wimbish used to teach second grade in NYC, but now she teaches in a lot behind the Kingston YMCA.

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